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Backup & Archiving to CD, DVD & BluRay


Hard disks are ideally suited for storing large amounts of 'living' data. They should be questioned when it comes to store infrequently accessed data for long-term archival purposes (e.g. business, legal and patrimonium).

Perennity has been developed as a solution for migrating data to CD, DVD and Bluray discs for Off-line storage purpose.

It is more economical to off-load inactive data to much cheaper but highly reliable media.

Perennity has a direct output to EPSON and Rimage CD/DVD/Bluray publishing systems to automate the off-line archival processes.

Automate your off-line archiving


Simply select the files and folders to be archived and define the trigger(s) to start the process.


Create your workflow and let Perennity automate the rest.


Once your CD/DVD/BD recorded and printed, you may decide to delete the orginal copy or not.


Perennity Archive keeps tracks of what files/folders have been recorded to what disk.

Automate your archiving processes

Output to CD/DVD/Bluray robots

Perennity Archive interface directly with Rimage and EPSON CD, DVD and Bluray autoloaders to automate disc recording and printing. One or more copies can be produced and they will be labelled with a unique customizable print template.

Fully unattended process

Backup and archiving operations will start automatically based on defined triggers: the capacity of a folder (watermarking), the presence of a file (polling), a latency time (e.g. no new files have been added since x hours). Those triggers can be combined with a schedule (e.g. every day at midnight).

Easy to use

A user-firendly user interface will help you to manage and monitor the backup, archive and restore operations. A web-based query tool lets you find and retrieve all archived files based on structured search criteria like the name and type of files, date range but even content.

Advanced features

Perennity Archive offers advanced features like full-text indexing (we index the content of the file), file spanning (split large files across several discs), file checksum (check data integrity for long term archiving). All operation are logged and users can be notified by email when jobs are completed or in case of an issue.

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About Perennity

Perennity is a solution provider for electronic data archiving & distribution, especially in medical imaging and record management field.

As a certified ISO13485/9001 global company, Perennity maintains a continuing commitment to quality and improvement of products and services.

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