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Share, Transfer, Protect, Review
& Archive your NDT data


The Non-Destructive Testing industry (NDT) uses a variety of digital inspection modalities. Ultrasound, radiography, computed tomography and electromagnetism.

The AccessBox NDT has been designed to use the DICONDE methods and standards to transfer, share, protect and archive your valuable NDT data.

The AccessBox NDT has a buit-in DICONDE Router & Server. It wil automatically and securely transfer evaluation data among different locations (e.g. from a truck performing tests along a pipeline using radiography to a central location for inspection).

All-in-One Solution for Industrial Imaging

Local server

Use the AccessBox as a genuine DICONDE server to store, query & retrieve your NDT data and analysis reports.

Transfer data between locations

Securely exchange data from any location to any remote location having AccessBox NDT.
No VPN or cloud services required.

Review studies using any WEB browser

TThe AccessBox embeds a full-featured DICONDE WEB viewer. Review your images using Windows, MAC, Linux, iOS and Android through an iMAGE Portal licence.

Protect and Archive

Replicate your data and extend the storage capacity of the AccessBox using any local NAS or any cloud repository.

Your NDT data from one location to another

Designed for DICONDE protocol

DICONDE is a protocol, Digital Imaging and Communication for Non-Destructive Evaluation, developed by ASTM Subcommitee E07.11 to facilitate exchange and storage of nondestructive evaluation data. The AccessBox NDT has been designed to use the DICONDE methods and standards to transfer and archive NDT data to remote industrial locations having an AccessBox NDT. Perennity NDT works with all DICONDE compliant digitizers. Your scanned images are automatically stored, transfered and shared.

Mobile NDT data in your hand

The AccessBox NDT has a built-in DICONDE router and DICONDE server. Transfer safely your DICONDE evaluation data wherever you are. It has beed designed to work on a regular internet connection, also 3G and 4G connections, especially for mobile workers. The AccessBox NDT data uses SSL and AES encryption technologies to secure all transfers.

Inspect NDT data with a web browser

The AccessBox NDT allows users to query images simply with a web browser. Engineers & technicians can access the images and reports anytime and anywhere. The web portal comes with every Perennity AccessBox NDT.

Protect and archive your NDT data

The AccessBox works with high capacity HDD storage drives to archive safely your NDT data for decades. Different storage versions are available, from standard to high industrial use. To avoid any disaster, its content could be also replicated to any storage systems (NAS, SAN, Cloud,...).

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Perennity is a solution provider for electronic data archiving & distribution, especially in medical imaging and record management field.

As a certified ISO13485/9001 global company, Perennity maintains a continuing commitment to quality and improvement of products and services.

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