Perennity AccessBox

Review, Transfer, Share & Protect
your Medical Images


The Perennity AccessBox is a unique combination of a Router/Transfer for medical images and a genuine DICOM Server acting as a mini-PACS.

The AccessBox is provided in four different versions:
  • The Standalone, an Out-of-the-box appliance with 1TB integrated storage capacity. Adviced for up to 5 DICOM nodes i.e. modalities/workstations.
  • The Embedded, hosted on a Synology NAS system offering RAID protection, being very expandable (up to 100TB) and recommended for up to 20 DICOM nodes.
  • The Enterprise edition, hosted on a MS Windows Server 2012/2016. The storage capacity and number of DICOM nodes are almost unlimited.
  • The Client edition is a software plug-in available for Windows and MAC. It can send/receive images to/from any AccessBox (adviced for notebooks).

All-in-One Solution for Medical Imaging

Transfer your images

Securely exchange studies between Imaging & Diagnostic centers, clinics, hospitals and radiologists. No VPN or cloud services required. Send a Mammo study (4 images - 100MB) is less than 2 minutes across a regular Internet connection.

Local Storage/Archive

Use the AccessBox as a genuine DICOM server to store, query & retrieve your DICOM images and reports.

Secure your images

Replicate your studies and extend the storage capacity of the AccessBox using any local NAS or any cloud repository.

Publish your images

The AccessBox embeds a full-featured DICOM WEB viewer. Review your images using Windows, MAC, Linux, iOS and Android through the Perennity iMAGE Portal (available as an option).

Benefits from the institutions to the patients

  • Share studies between hospitals, clinics and imaging & diagnostic centers
  • Dispatch studies to Radiologists outside of the facility for diagnostic purpose
  • Archive images to secure internal/external/cloud-based Data Center
  • Works with limited bandwidth and even unstable Internet connection
  • Embeded DICOM web viewer
  • Quickly access studies from anywhere, anytime
  • Easily collect studies from imaging center for diagnostic
  • Send report using any application
  • Publish studies to Web Portal for Referring Physicians and Patients
  • No IT expertise needed
  • Available as software portable client for Window & Mac
  • Faster diagnostics
  • Access to reports & images
  • Download original images for secondary diagnostics
  • Economical
  • Get instant access to images and reports of their patients
  • Email notification when study is available for review
  • Securely access images from any computer, tablet or smartphone

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Perennity is a solution provider for electronic data archiving & distribution, especially in medical imaging and record management field.

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