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How to configure secondary storage on AccessBox v4 ?
Last Updated 6 years ago

In version 4 the settings that allow to configure a secondary storage path are not available in the interface anymore, so they can only be configured through the DICOM Server config file on the USB key. Hereunder are the instructions to do so:

-) Shutdown the AccessBox
-) Remove the USB key and insert it in a PC
-) Open the file config.DicomServer.txt with Wordpad or Notepad++
-) Edit the following four parameters (hereunder is an example):
  - SecondaryPath = smb://
  - NetworkDomain = trend-it
  - NetworkUser = Rimage
  - NetworkPassword = password
-) Save the modifications to the file
-) Insert the USB key in the AccessBox
-) Power on the AccessBox

Check if a copy of the studies is being copied to the configured secondary path. If not, double-check your settings.

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