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How to configure the DB connection on Synology if there is a password (mandatory on DSM v6 (?))
Last Updated 6 years ago

From DSM v6 (probably ?) you have to put a root password on MariaDB (not needed on earlier versions, where MariaDB was installed together with PHPMyAdmin). The AccessBox installer however does not allow to configure a password, so you have to perform some manual reconfiguration after the installation.

It is also essential to first install MariaDB v5 (and set a root password), then install PHPMyAdmin, and after that you can install Perennity. You will also have to enable SSH (Control Panel > Terminal & SNMP) and SFTP (Control Panel > File Services).

These are the files you have to edit to add the database password (use Bitvise Client to connect and vi as text editor in command line):

- /volume1/web/AccessBox/app/config/db.php
- /volume1/@appstore/Perennity-AccessBox/web/AccessBox/app/config/db.php
- /volume1/web/Viewer/viewer/config.php
- /volume1/@appstore/Perennity-AccessBox/web/Viewer/viewer/config.php

- /usr/share/Perennity/Notification/server\conf/config.txt
- /usr/share/Perennity/Transfer/server\conf/config.txt
- /usr/share/Perennity/DicomServer/server\conf/config.txt

Then restart your system for the changes to become effective. You may have to manually launch ("Run") Perennity in the Synology Package Center after rebooting the first time.

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